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English Conversation Classes 

シカゴ日米協会 英会話クラス 

Due to COVID-19, all English classes will be held remotely.


$120 Members & Continuing Students / $130 New Student

Enjoy learning and practicing English in a small interactive group setting!  Classes will focus on speaking and listening, while expanding students’ vocabulary and fluency. Students will be encouraged to make suggestions about class topics. 

英語力を伸ばしたいと思っていらっしゃる皆様、シカゴ日米協会の英会話クラスへ参加しませんか?会話力、リスニング、 ボキャブラリーの向上に焦点を当てた少人数制のクラスで、自由に会話できる力と自信を身につけましょう! 

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Class Title



Wednesday8/18- 10/6Gary
Beginning II



English I

Wednesday8/18- 10/6Gary

・Beginning : For students who have just arrived in the US, or have had limited opportunities to speak English in their daily life.  Focus will be on building vocabulary and knowledge of common phrases and practicing speaking in common situations in daily life such as in stores, restaurants, and hospitals.

・Beginning II : For students who have some experience using English in daily life and understand the basic structure of the language, but still need to expand their knowledge of vocabulary, phrases and grammar.  The class will also explore readings and discussions based on topics that are of interest to the students.  

Intermediate: For students who have experience speaking English and want to improve their ability to communicate in their daily lives. Students go beyond basic dialogues and have deeper conversations on a variety of topics like travel, culture, cooking, health, books, movies, and recent news events,

・Business I: For students who have recently arrived in the US or have had limited opportunities to speak English in the workplace.  Focus will be on building confidence in speaking and increasing fluency in discussions about Business.

・Beginning : アメリカに来て間もない方,今まで英語を話す機会がなかった方向け。日常生活で使える単語や言い回しを学び会話練習します。

・Beginning II: 日常生活で英語に触れる機会が多少あった方、基礎的な英語が分かるが、語彙・フレーズ・文法を強化する必要がある方向け。生徒の皆様の興味に沿った題材での読解やディスカッションも取り入れます。

Intermediate : 英語を話したことがあり、日常の対話力をさらに向上させたい方向け。旅行、文化、料理、健康、本、映画、最近のニュース等について、より深い会話を練習します。

・Business English I : アメリカに来て間もない方、今まで英語を話す機会がなかった方で、ビジネスの場での英語に自信を付けたい方向け。

Ms. Diana Keider: Diana has been teaching ESL for over twenty years and is the founder and Director of ESL Associates, a language training service specializing in one on one instruction and small groups with offices in Schaumburg and Lincolnshire. Diana is the main supervisor for all classes.

Mr. Gary Fujino: Gary has outstanding educational qualifications as well as experience living in Japan. He has a PhD in Intercultural Studies and a Master’s degree in Theology. He’s currently working on another Master’s degree in TESOL. (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) His native language is English but he speaks Japanese fluently.

Ms. Audrey Colby: Audrey is a certified ESL instructor with many years experience teaching ESL including teaching English to International Students at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has a PhD from Northwestern University and Master’s degree from Massachusetts College of Art.

Terms & Conditions: 

Please note that completion of this form will serve as your reservation. You will receive a phone call only if the class minimum is not met. If a minimum number of students is not reached, the class will be cancelled and payments refunded. Students are expected to attend all classes so that all students can proceed in their learning at the same pace. If the instructor is absent, the term may be extended.  To be considered enrolled in the class, prepayment is required. We accept payment by Credit card, Check, Cash, and Money Order. If, after attending the first class, one does not feel the course meets his/her needs, a student may transfer to another level, or receive a refund. The Society must be informed of such an intent within 24 hours after the first class is held. No exceptions will be considered, and refunds will not be issued if students contact JASC after 24 hours.