English Class Policy

Japan America Society of Chicago English Conversation Class Policy

I. Definition of Members and Continuing Students

  1. Members: Individuals, corporations, and organizations with JASC membership, and the employees including their family members.
  2. Continuing students: Student who has taken JASC English conversation class within a year.

II. Registration & Enrollment

  1. Class minimum is 3 and the maximum is 7.
  2. To be considered enrolled in the class, prepayment is required.
  3. Continuing students will have priority to register for classes. New students will be based on a first-come first-serve basis.
  4. Students may enroll after the session has started, based on availability.
  5. In case a student is absent due to personal reasons, the student may attend another class as make up if there is availability.
  6. If the instructor is absent, the term may be extended.

III. Fee

Term Members and continuing students Non-members and new students
8 weeks $240 $260
10 weeks $300 $325
    1. The fee structure is described above.
    2. Student must pay the full amount of the fee before the first class.
    3. The fee is deductible up to 2 classes in case of absence, only if students inform JASC at the time of registration.
    4. If students enroll after the session has started, the required fee is prorated for the rest of the classes.  The fee is $30 per class for members and continuing students, $32.50 per class for non-members and new students.
    5. Student can pay the fee by check or credit card.

IV. Class Cancellation

  1. Classes occasionally may be canceled or rescheduled for a session, due to low enrollment or other unexpected reasons.  If JASC cancels the class and cannot accommodate students with another class option, the payment will be fully refunded.

V. Refund

  1. If after attending the first class, one does not feel the course meets his/her needs, a student may transfer to another level, or receive a refund. JASC must be informed of such an intent within 24 hours after the first class is held. No exceptions will be considered, and refunds will not be issued if students contact JASC after 24 hours. If a student has to cancel the session, student still has to pay for the first class fee, $30 for members and continuing students, $32.50 for non-members and new students.

VI. Operation

  1. This policy takes effect on August 1st, 2019.
  2. Terms and conditions may change at discretion of JASC Executive Director and instructor.

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